fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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results {day 111}

today I am thankful for good biopsy results. The tumor that was removed was a benign fibroadenoma. This means it was not cancerous and does not require a second surgery. Thank you, Jesus! I am also grateful for my mom who has been hanging out with me all day every day since the surgery in case I need something, for my sweet hubs who is working hard and then taking care of me and the house, and for my sweet friend who drove 2 hours to bring me dinner and flowers. we are very blessed.

recovery day 2 {day 110}

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today I am thankful for long, restful naps, a card of encouragement, texts reminding me I’m being prayed for, dinner delivered from jenni (which was awesome), and dark chocolate sea salt popcorn. I don’t know if I could describe to you how much these things encourage my spirit.

recovery day 1 {day 109}

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as I expected, I am in quite a bit more pain today than I was last night. to add insult to injury, I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have developed an allergy to iodine, so I have a fairly nice rash and some welts on my neck, chest, shoulders, back and under one of my arms. soooo pleasant.

all that aside, my mom and my oldest friend Scott came to visit today. he moved to the UAE this spring and only had 2 days that we could get together…yesterday and today. I am thankful that he was willing to spend the day watching movies and letting me rest. also grateful for continued prayers, chocolate, and super gentle snuggles from my puppy and hubs.

surgery {day 108}

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today I am thankful for a husband that got up early and brought me breakfast in bed so I could eat before I wasn’t allowed to. I am also thankful for skilled doctors, my amazingly supportive hubs, surgery traditions like aardvarks with a band aid on it’s boob, and tons of encouragement and prayers. feeling blessed, even on this tough day.

support {day 107}

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grateful for a cozy place that is ready to keep me comfortable while I am recovering, for my sweet hubs who has been cleaning and helping me prepare, for sweet friends who have offered us meals, prayers, distraction and laughter.


and for verses that keep me grounded, change my focus, remind me who I am and who my hope is in.

chicken crust pizza, a million cookies and a surprise pajama party {day 106}

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for lunch with friends we don’t get to see enough and for a zero carb pizza crust made out of chicken (which also happens to be gluten free) that allowed us to enjoy good pizza.




for annual cookie baking day with the awesome women in my family, and for old and new favorites that are gluten free so I can enjoy them, and for the awesome men in my family who watch football in the kitchen and wash our baking gear so we can keep the cookie madness going. that top picture is roughly one fifth of the cookies we made. it was insane.




and last, but certainly not least, for a surprise pajama party celebrating my mom’s upcoming 50th birthday! there is nothing better than rocking some jammers, hanging out with family, and snuggles from my favorite 3 year old. plus, my mom is one of the most giving people I know, so celebrating her is super fun! happy (almost) birthday, mom!!