fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

CHRISTMAS {day 137}

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Merry Christmas!!
there is much to be grateful for: for a much needed reminder of the hope we have (a weary world rejoices), for a God who loves us so much He came as a helpless baby to a teen mother, born in a stable to make real the promise that He is Emmanuel. after a dark and difficult month, and on a day that I know held so much sadness for so many, I am grateful that we can have hope on the darkest of days.


also grateful for 24 hours straight with our amazing families, for my hubby’s 3 hour nap snuggled up with me, and for good, relaxing family time. feeling super blessed.

Christmas Eve {day 136}

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it’s Christmas Eve, friends! a beautiful reminder that this is just the beginning- the promised one is coming! beyond grateful for God’s great love for us, that He would send His Son to walk among us, be near to us and give us hope. praying that you have good family time as you celebrate and that light and hope would reign in your hearts as we prepare for and celebrate the coming King, Emmanuel- God with us.

“rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel will come to thee oh Israel.”

dad {day 134}

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today I am grateful for my dad. he shows us that he loves us in so many ways, but I think his favorite way is through food. he loves to cook and is quite talented at it. it works out well since I love to eat. since sweet hubby and I went gf, it’s been a source of sadness that we can no longer enjoy his delicious leftovers. today we went over to watch the game and hang out, and he had bought all the ingredients to make us gf stroganoff. it was delicious!! I am grateful for a dad who goes out of his way (and even endangers his enjoyment of his cooking) to make us feel loved.

also grateful that Christmas is coming so soon. we need hope.

the thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…

perfect timing {day 133}

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today I am grateful for this beautiful arrangement

which came from some of my favorite people literally just seconds after the police officer who got my car unlocked left.
I don’t know about you, but I think locking my keys in my car is one of the most irritating things that can happen.
we were on our way to a family party and then I had to work.
I locked my keys
and wallet
and coat
and work keys
and phone
all in the car.
thankfully, the police here still unlock cars and we had a very wonderful and friendly officer.
and just when I was feeling super frustrated with myself, flowers came. 🙂
also grateful that I got to listen to one of my favorite songs on my way home

20121223-020850.jpg (Mumford, sigh no more) because my car’s CD player finally decided to release it’s captive cd (which it wouldn’t play or spit out) and play Mumford for me.
and last, but definitely not least, I’m grateful for friends who remind me that I’m loved. 🙂


nearness {day 132}

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today I’m simply grateful for a God who promises to be near to the broken-hearted and to bind up their wounds.


also grateful for all the times we are reminded that He is love, that those who spew hatred in His name are not from Him, and that in our darkest moments when we feel the least worthy, He loves us still.