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"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

bittersweet {day 181}

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today I am very grateful for my dear friend (and her dear family) who finally got some justice for the unthinkable. 3 years ago when her sweet dad was killed, in what police call a botched robbery, it was hard to believe the words I was hearing. things like that, murders, those don’t happen to people we know and love. it’s incomprehensible. so after much pain, and many tears, and a lot of delays, I’m grateful that this trial is over, that they have a clearer picture of what happened, that justice is being served, and that, though there may still be more trials (for others involved) and appeals, that they can finally have some measure of closure. I am thankful that justice will be served. He took a precious life of someone dear to me and to people I love. I want him to pay a price for that, he should. There is, however, a part of me that is sad for that life that is ruined too. I am not saying I feel bad for him. He made a choice that led to this. But I know that he has family, a mom or a sister or a brother who just lost their brother too. He chose it and John didn’t. I get that, and feel it deeply. I am really angry that he made the choice he did. But I can’t help but imagine being one of his family members and having to face the impossible today; their child, brother, friend, father is a murderer. That can’t be easy. I love Jen and her family so much and I pray that they will have some peace after today, and that God will be present (as if I need to ask Him) with all those who are broken-hearted because of the tragic choice that man made.
I’m also so grateful for the honor of knowing and loving people as amazing as them. They challenge me to be a better person.


I’m also grateful that this:

looked more like this:

on my way home. my fifty-sixty minute drive was an hour and fifty minutes, but at least everything looked pretty. also, one of my awesome employees scraped my car off when she left. what a sweet surprise!

bonus cuteness: mojo thinks he can catch and find snowballs. in the snow. maybe not the brightest moment, but I admire his resolve. (sorry, they aren’t the best quality pictures.)





One thought on “bittersweet {day 181}

  1. I agree. JM’s choices, and nothing else, led him to life in prison but my heart hurts when I think of his mother and others who love him. Such a bad choice, such a tragic ending to Mr V’s life, and such heartache for his family.

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