fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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toes {day 329}


I LOVE my job and that my toes got to spend all day free of shoes. It’s a wonderful thing.


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precious {day 328} (late)

I am so thankful for my sweet, snuggly Riley who has such a gentle and kind spirit. I couldn’t help but tear up when I read this. my mom has informed me that she transcribed this exactly word for word. “I want a wedding with you later.” Holy crap. cutest kid ever. He asks about Harlow often. I love that he remembers that she’s sick, cares to ask about her, and writes her the cutest love letters the world has ever seen.

What has made you smile lately?

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oops {day 327} (really late)

apparently all it takes to break a 300-something day habit (GOOD HABIT) is a five day vacation. yikes. sorry I’ve been failing so miserably. I will try to get back on board.


I am beyond grateful for my sweet husband, who works really hard to make me feel loved and cherished and valued. even on my most irritable days, I know that I am blessed beyond belief to be loved so well.