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great news! {day 343}

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My mom posted the above photo with the caption “warrior at rest.” I love it. Harlow is such a fighter. I am honored and blessed to know a girl so strong.
As many of you know, today was Harlow’s big surgery. If you haven’t already, you may want to read this post to better understand what they were doing today.
Harlow was out of surgery much more quickly than expected, and (in my opinion) surgery went as well as they possibly could have. They had to remove Harlow’s uterus and Fallopian tubes (which they pretty much knew going in), which contained the tumor. The other tissues and organs surrounding the tumor appear to be healthy and completely cancer free. While I can’t imagine how difficult of a conversation Ben and Jamie will have on their hands, in the future, explaining to Harlow what the repercussions are of having your uterus removed, they are fairly certain (and the surgeon confirmed the likelihood today) that the chemo she had as an infant would have made it very unlikely that she would be able to birth her own children. So with that in mind, that is why I say surgery went as well as it possibly could.
Harlow’s fight isn’t over yet, but today was a huge step towards a healthy and cancer free life for my precious friend Harlow. She has had some pain since waking up, but they have been able to control much of it with meds. She is unable to speak because they had to put a tube in her nose, but she did give Jamie a smile when Jamie told her that they took the cancer out.
I am so grateful for the good news today, for a team of doctors who know and love Harlow and are fighting alongside her, and for all the people who have been following her story, donating towards her medical expenses, and lifting our little fighter and her amazing parents up in prayer.

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