fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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lazy afternoon {day 363}

I am grateful for a successful first attempt at adapting my beloved banana bread recipe to fit our gluten free life and for an afternoon with dear friends in and by the pool dreaming big.

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alright, I’m listening {day 244}

these last few weeks have felt long. I am weary and whatever it is that God is doing, and I truly believe He is always moving, I don’t see the good or the potential good in it.
this morning, though, I woke up to thunder shaking the house, heavy rain, and hail. so as I lay awake in bed, listening to (and feeling) the storm raging, I opened up my Bible app to see the verse for today.
It was this:

alright God, I hear you. thanks for reminding me that You’re moving when I’m too focused on the storm to see it.


happy birthday, sweet hubs! {day 228} (late)








I am beyond grateful for my best friend and an extra chance to celebrate him. he had to work, but we still made a pretty good day of it. I found a gluten free bakery near his office, so I grabbed some cupcakes and lunch and visited him at the office. after he got home we had some wine, made dinner, ate our first gluten free cake, opened presents and hung out together. it was wonderful to have a day set aside to remind sweet hubs how special he is and how glad I am to have him!

do you have any birthday traditions? I want to hear them!

success! {day 171}

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today I bravely made gf brownies from scratch and baked a new loaf of gf bread. both turned out really well!! finally, success in the gf kitchen!

I am also so grateful for a day off, snuggles with the pup, tons of laundry washed, folded and put away, and dinner with a sweet friend. so thankful.

sick day 2 {day 150}

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today I am grateful for my crockpot and bread maker which allowed sweet hubs to have hot soup and fresh (gluten-free) bread for dinner, instead of the canned soup of the last two days, without me having to spend hours in the kitchen. I’ve thankfully avoided hubby’s illness, but I’m not feeling super either, so rest was nice.