fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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baby steps {day 266}


before I got fibro, I had become a runner (something I would have never thought possible). I wasn’t fast or great, but I ran several times a week and even finished a half marathon. when they’ll fibro symptoms started, I pretty much stopped doing anything that might make the pain worse, including running. I’ve been on one run in the past year and a half or so, and it lasted about 1 minute before the pain got terrible and I was in tears. tonight I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, so sweet hubs and I went for a run. it wasn’t fast, but it was a run. grateful for his support, and for the feelings of accomplishing something and life getting a little closer to normal.
I am also grateful that Harlow had a good day today, and blessed and thankful for my young life girls who asked about how Harlow is doing. some of them even told me they’ve asked other people to pray for her too.
exhausted and grateful.

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kid run club {day 259}





tonight was our last regular young life club of the year. it has become tradition for the last club of the year to be “kid-run,” meaning the leaders help prepare kids to take charge of every aspect of club. there are two things that I love about this club, and this year was no exception- 1. I love to hear my high school friends pray for their friends. it is the sweetest thing. 2. one of the seniors gives the talk, or shares the story of their journey with Jesus. I loved hearing my friend amanda tell her peers about how Jesus has walked with her this year through some pretty hard places.


family {day 248}


tonight I am thankful for a lazy sundae spent at my parents’ house, just being together. Riley also drew Harlow a picture to help her get better. What a sweet little buddy. I am also grateful for laughter with the yl leadership team.

who did you spend your Sunday with.

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laughter {day 210}

today was not my favorite. pretty much from first thing this morning, nothing was going quite how I wanted/needed it to. so tonight for small group I thought we might just need some time together. so we did this:




the game of life is a legit way to spend an evening. grateful for these girls, for their kind hearts, and for laughter and silliness.

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case of the Mondays {day 185}

I don’t know about you, but we’ve got a pretty serious case of the Mondays over here. Sweet hubs came home sick and my stomach was being crazy today.


I spent the evening resting and covered in puppies. nothing cuter than puppies snuggling each other and you.

also got to spend some time with my sweet friend claire at chick-fil-a. (maybe not the world’s wisest choice considering how crappy I was feeling, but definitely good for the soul).

so tonight I’m grateful for waffle fries, giggles, and being covered in puppies.

what are YOU grateful for today?

p.s. I’ve got an awesome giveaway coming up soon…hopefully the end of this week or beginning of next. stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!!

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enough {day 180}

this morning I was feeling very discouraged about one area if my life. I thought it was going in a direction that I was excited about, but well, it isn’t. you know that totally crappy feeling when you lose something that wasn’t actually yours yet, and you feel so frustrated and also so irritated with yourself for getting your hopes so high? not my favorite.
but then, God, with His tricky sense of humor, saw fit that I get unrelated good news in a related area of my life. He’s funny like that.
then I found out that I get to be an early reader for an author I really like, and then I get to blog about her new book! so fun!
and then I got to spend the evening with sweet young life friends. we danced

talked, sang and drank soda through someone else’s sock. yep, you read that correctly. soda. through a sock.

while at club tonight, 3-year-old Payton (who loves me occasionally but doesn’t about 80% of the time) crawled up on my lap and told me that she wants to feed giraffes this fall (something we talked about this past weekend) and then told me that sitting with me was her best part of the day and gave me a big hug. so precious.
I’m so thankful that, on the crappy days, God gives me beautiful moments to get me through. I don’t always get what I want (shocking), but He always gives me enough to get through.