fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

{day 61}

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woohoo!!! today was Kristen’s birthday, and she got the best (and probably completely overwhelming) birthday gift ever–her sons and husband came HOME from the Ukraine. friends, they are home! they have a home!! and those beds that have been waiting for the sons Kristen and Joel have been praying for, they have boys sleeping in them tonight. holy crap, I am so excited!! I can’t wait to hear about how this precious new family is doing.

joy and chocolate goodness {day 30}

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joyful for this precious family and for all the ways God has been working to make a family of two a family of four. you may recognize three of these faces from this post. the fourth face is their newest son, Benjamin. he is 11 years old, excited to be a Longshore, and officially signed his consent to be adopted today. holy cow, friends! these two boys had no family, and now they have parents who love them, who fought for them, who have been waiting and waiting for them, and they have each other. brothers! parents! sons!! it’s so freaking cool!! I said before, and will say again, that I think adoption is one of the most amazing pictures of God’s love for us. Longshores, I am excited for your beautiful new family, and grateful for the picture of Christ’s love that you are painting for the world and for your precious new sons. Congratulations!!!!!!


and in far less meaningful news, I am also thankful for this new discovery that I am currently enjoying. chocolate sorbet. it’s freaking good. like, really good. I may have had some last night also.


I’m not even ashamed. 🙂

life {day 19}





friends, today my heart is full of joy for this sweet boy and his new parents, Kristen and Joel. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, so I know I can only begin to understand what it would feel like to get a new family. he has the mama and papa that he’s been waiting for, and they finally have their son who they have loved, prayed for, and waited for. seriously, it’s the coolest thing. according to Kristen’s blog, Marat is a bundle of energy, is enthusiastic about learning English, and LOVES the idea of having a “bruddah.” (so, in other words, he’s freaking awesome!)
when I think about the love and resolve with which Kristen and Joel have pursued Marat, it paints such a beautiful picture in my mind of the way Christ loves and pursues us. It’s an amazing thing, friends.


for needed snuggle time with the sweet hubs and our forgiveness seeking Houdini dog…


for cool mornings that remind me how close to my favorite season we are! apple picking, cider donuts, chai, crunchy leaves…bring. it. on.

also grateful for a laughter filled conversation with my old friend justin, whose face I miss, that made blocked off roads and detours bearable.

it’s thursday!! anybody have fun plans for the holiday weekend?


tears of joy {day 11}

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today I am grateful for the ways that God is working in the lives of my friends Kristen and Joel. I have known them for a long time, since they were leaders in my youth group. it has been a blessing to watch God bring them together in marriage, and I have been especially blessed to follow their journey to adopt a young boy from the Ukraine. the post I read this morning was mostly the story of the last week and Kristen’s thoughts and excitement FROM THE AIRPLANE. TO THE UKRAINE. TO MEET THEIR SON. seriously, I can’t think of anything cooler. they finally get to talk to, hug, see this boy that they have loved for so long without even having met him. and for him…this precious boy, who is in his last year of being adoptable (in the Ukraine), who will get to meet his parents, people who love him, have been preparing for him, praying for him, WAITING FOR HIM. not just for a son, but specifically for him. how freaking cool is that?!?!
(I am crying again as I write this, just in case anyone is keeping track…)
anyway, of you guys would join me in praying for Kristen and Joel, for their meeting with their son tomorrow morning, and for all of their hearts. as we all have experienced, even the most amazing changes can be very difficult. there is also a possibility that they will be bringing home another son whom they don’t yet know. please pray for all those crazy pieces, and that there will be thousands of tears of joy in the next few days.