fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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sunset and froyo {day 315}

Today was a tough day. We have to fight with my new insurance to get them to cover the only medicine that has made my fibro even somewhat bearable. I am frustrated and scared that they will make me try a bunch of other meds (not more effective and not specifically for fibro, and with more & worse side effects) so they can save a few bucks. The thought of being in moderate to severe pain every day again is enough to make me cry. Additionally, we have been trying to get a family member into treatment for an illness that they have struggled with for nearly 20 years, and today the program that was suggested as the best option turned down the request for this family member to be admitted into the program. No discussion, no real reasons, just flat out denial. Talk about discouraging. I love this person and desperately want them to have the opportunity to turn their life around. Please say a prayer for those helping this person find a treatment that will work for them.

But despite the frustration and tears today, I am thankful for beautiful sunset that reminded me that even in this crazy world, the Creator gives us glimpses of amazing beauty.

I am also grateful for frozen yogurt dates with my sweet hubby, and that he doesn’t judge me when I can’t decide on a flavor so I just get two.


Hope your Wednesday was more encouraging. What was your best part?

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beauty {day 245}

Today I am grateful for these pretty flowers and the chance to work with them for a few hours. Beautiful flowers are one of the best cures I’ve found for a cold, dreary April day.

What beautiful things do you like to surround yourself with to cheer you up?

{day 50}

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today I am grateful for a God who sees fit to paint our surroundings with such beautiful colors. I don’t know if I haven’t been paying attention or if these colors are just coming out, but holy cow, the trees are freaking amazing. this picture doesn’t even begin to do these colors justice. reason #671 that fall is my favorite season.

today was not one of those days that I feel pretty normal. I did not feel well at all. but sick days mean snuggly nights, which are my fave.







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laughter, sweatpants, & a bears win {day 29}



for a beautiful fall sunday, cool weather, sweatpants, delicious popcorn, a day with my parents, and the bears game (and win!)


sorry for the poor quality of these pics, it was some iphone front-facing camera fun! 
seriously, have you ever seen a kid so miserable? he clearly doesn’t have ANY FUN! 
tons of fun hanging out with lb today. we laughed A LOT.

then he borrowed my phone to take pictures. more laughs followed…


“bina, i took a picture of your puter!”





just a small sampling of the nearly 100 pictures riley took today including my parent’s dogs, my mom and dad, and a picture of himself on my computer. 


he also learned how to wink today…he’s gonna charm some ladies…



also grateful for beautiful scenery on my way home. 
hope you all enjoyed this beautiful fall sunday! 



simple things {day 15}

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more flowers from the farmer’s market and a crazy, fuzzy red one that I really like…


rainy day that my plants really needed…


my hibiscus plant and it’s beautiful new bloom…


my sweet puppy and his new antler chewy…


…and hanging out with my hubby. 🙂