fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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tradition {day 278}


I am grateful for my last night of my twenties, which was spent snuggling my loves. I am also grateful for silly but wonderful traditions like the sweet hubs getting feel better chocolate when I’m sick and anxiously awaiting midnight so he can officially wish me a happy (30th–yikes!) birthday. such a cute hubs.

care {day 114}

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today I am grateful for a care package from my best friend, jen. mail is fun, and care packages are even more fun! it’s nice to know that I am being though of, prayed for, and cared for from afar. I also was blessed with a visit from aubree, who hung out and brought us a delicious dinner. we watched a movie, talked and laughed, and dreamed together about the future. I feel very blessed.

recovery day 1 {day 109}

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as I expected, I am in quite a bit more pain today than I was last night. to add insult to injury, I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have developed an allergy to iodine, so I have a fairly nice rash and some welts on my neck, chest, shoulders, back and under one of my arms. soooo pleasant.

all that aside, my mom and my oldest friend Scott came to visit today. he moved to the UAE this spring and only had 2 days that we could get together…yesterday and today. I am thankful that he was willing to spend the day watching movies and letting me rest. also grateful for continued prayers, chocolate, and super gentle snuggles from my puppy and hubs.

support {day 107}

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grateful for a cozy place that is ready to keep me comfortable while I am recovering, for my sweet hubs who has been cleaning and helping me prepare, for sweet friends who have offered us meals, prayers, distraction and laughter.


and for verses that keep me grounded, change my focus, remind me who I am and who my hope is in.


happy {day 100}, little blog! and my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!

my little blog is 100 days old! Holy cow!!
To celebrate, we’re going to have a little contest!
Okay, here’s the back story: the last few times that I had surgery I had a friend that would “kidnap” me towards the end of my recovery and take me out to help combat the stir craziness that overwhelms me by day 8 (or sometimes 2) of recovery. We usually went to a movie but now that I work at a theater, that seems a little bit less appealing. So I need your help!
You folks get to help pick what my sweet hubs will take me to do when I need to get out the house! Keep in mind, I will have just had surgery on my chest, so keep it calm (and pg…), folks.
I will let sweet hubs pick the winner, and then I will send that person 3 of my favorite recovery comforts….my fave aromatherapy scent from bath and body works, a starbucks gift card, and some delicious chocolate (a recovery essential for every ailment)!
The contest will run through noon on Friday, November 23. The winner will be announced by noon Saturday.
So, friends, get creative! I need a jailbreak date! 🙂

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chocolate {day 92}


Today I am grateful that there are tons of gluten free chocolate treats. Oh, how I am going to need you. Tomorrow starts the hub’s new job and our adventure into gluten free eating. It is rumored that gluten free eating may help his stomach and my fibro. I’m not sure if that will actually be the case for us, but it seems like it’s worth a good, honest try, right? I’m looking for a good gluten free stuffing so these Thanksgiving dinner loving folks (us…) can enjoy our feast without making ourselves sick. I am a bread and pasta loving girl, having grown up with a dad who is an amazing cook. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck too bad…I am also grateful for those who have lived this journey before me so that I can borrow their knowledge and feel slightly less overwhelmed than I would be otherwise. I spent hours today printing and reading lists: foods that are safe, foods that are not, ingredients that have gluten that you may not know about…goodness gracious. If I had to figure all that stuff out myself, I’d have gone nuts. (and fear not, I will try really hard not to become one of those crazy, annoying people who tell you all the time how going gluten free is the best thing they’ve ever done and tell you over and over why you should do it too…) 🙂

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