fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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men {day 312} (late)

I am grateful that my dad is a man of integrity and strength, who is fiercely protective of his family, who works very hard but also plays hard, who likes to laugh, who likes to serve people by filling their bellies with delicious food, and who apologizes when he’s wrong. he loves my mom and isn’t afraid to show it, and also loves us “kids” and doesn’t ever let us hang up the phone or leave without telling us. he set the bar very high for the man I would eventually marry, and I am also grateful for a sweet husband who will be that same kind of father to our future littles.
I. am. blessed.

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happy birthday, dad! {day 299}










today is my day’s birthday, and I am reminded just how grateful I am for him. my dad is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met and has always gone above and beyond at every job he’s done, often without any recognition or compensation for his extra time and work. my dad is also loyal, loving, and taught me to love reading and laughing, to never let anyone leave hungry (if food is a love language, it is definitely his!), and to apologize when I’ve hurt someone. dad, thanks for being such an amazing example of what I wanted in a husband (and someday father for my kids.) I’m so glad you’re my dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


healthy and safe {day 229}





I am so grateful for my dad, who is home and safe and healing. we had quite a scare Sunday when my dad had a chauffeured ride (by ambulance) to the ER. He was having pain in his chest and left shoulder. we were pretty sure by midday Sunday that he had not had a heart attack, but didn’t really have any answers about what was wrong. his pain was increasing (for those who know my dad, he does NOT complain about pain) and he spiked a fever. Finally by mid-morning yesterday, they had noticed a slight abnormality in his EKG that indicated pericarditis- a viral infection of the lining of the heart. It is treatable and was found very early before fluid built up and caused damage to the heart. he is home and almost pain free now. I am so thankful that he’s home and quickly recovering. this girl needs her dad still. love you, dad!

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family {day 224}



tonight I’m grateful for family, in all it’s forms. I have been blessed to be born into an amazing (slightly crazy) family with parents who love each other and us. I love the sweet little family that drew and I chose, and the ways that God has made us feel more and more like a family over the last 17 months of marriage. I am also so grateful for the friends from all different places that become family…students and their families, young life kids and leaders, college friends, high school friends and their families, work friends. I am feeling blessed.

dad {day 134}

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today I am grateful for my dad. he shows us that he loves us in so many ways, but I think his favorite way is through food. he loves to cook and is quite talented at it. it works out well since I love to eat. since sweet hubby and I went gf, it’s been a source of sadness that we can no longer enjoy his delicious leftovers. today we went over to watch the game and hang out, and he had bought all the ingredients to make us gf stroganoff. it was delicious!! I am grateful for a dad who goes out of his way (and even endangers his enjoyment of his cooking) to make us feel loved.

also grateful that Christmas is coming so soon. we need hope.

the thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…