fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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happy birthday, little blog! {day 365}

Today is day 365…holy cow, little bloggy is a year old! We celebrated with a candle in a scoop of ice cream-yum! I am grateful for my hubby who celebrates my accomplishments-even if its something random and silly like blogging every day for a year. He also planned a sweet fondue date night tonight, which was wonderful. I am so blessed.
What are you grateful for today, sweet friends?



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Sunday {day 319}

Sundays in the summer are my favorite. We have this farmer’s market downtown that I love.

Today we got these strawberries, which I honestly think may be the best I’ve ever eaten. So good.

Today was a pretty bad fibro day. We laid low most of the day (after our morning trip to the market) but tonight I was feeling antsy so we went for a walk. While we were out walking we passed this place downtown

20130623-230652.jpg and decided we needed to have a date night right then. Monsters U was amazingly animated and pretty funny. I love listening to the sweet hubs laugh out loud at silly jokes.

(Just in case you were wondering, I was supposed to leave yesterday on my trip but it got cancelled last minute. I’m frustrated about the reason it was cancelled but grateful for the extra time at home.)

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sunset and froyo {day 315}

Today was a tough day. We have to fight with my new insurance to get them to cover the only medicine that has made my fibro even somewhat bearable. I am frustrated and scared that they will make me try a bunch of other meds (not more effective and not specifically for fibro, and with more & worse side effects) so they can save a few bucks. The thought of being in moderate to severe pain every day again is enough to make me cry. Additionally, we have been trying to get a family member into treatment for an illness that they have struggled with for nearly 20 years, and today the program that was suggested as the best option turned down the request for this family member to be admitted into the program. No discussion, no real reasons, just flat out denial. Talk about discouraging. I love this person and desperately want them to have the opportunity to turn their life around. Please say a prayer for those helping this person find a treatment that will work for them.

But despite the frustration and tears today, I am thankful for beautiful sunset that reminded me that even in this crazy world, the Creator gives us glimpses of amazing beauty.

I am also grateful for frozen yogurt dates with my sweet hubby, and that he doesn’t judge me when I can’t decide on a flavor so I just get two.


Hope your Wednesday was more encouraging. What was your best part?

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double date {day 225}

go figure, we had dinner with two pro photographers tonight and I don’t have a single picture to post. I am grateful for dinner with my best friend (sweet hubs), an old friend and his girlfriend, a new friend. we talked and laughed and cried from laughter. so good.

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date night, nerdy style {day 218}

Tonight I’m grateful for a super nerdy date night after a long work day. The hubs and I played Minecraft until my eyes wouldn’t stay open anymore. I am thankful to have a husband that I can be silly and laugh with, and who has mad moonwalking on water skills. 😉

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no plans {day 217}

tonight I am grateful that, somehow, this whole week I ended up with no evening plans (except for a Minecraft date night with the sweet hubs tomorrow night). don’t get me wrong, I love the things I normally do…young life, small group, visiting friends, ect, but there is something wonderful about having a week of rest. I honestly can’t remember a time that I had no extra plans for a week. it’s kind of nice.
other things I’m grateful for tonight: my mom hearing from someone we were worrying about, snuggly family time, and good news for another family member.

annimoon {day 72}

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for a good breakfast and a beautiful view, a super relaxed (and needed) lazy morning,

a movie date to see Liam neeson be his b-a self,

a delicious and fancy dinner,

a cozy night, conversations about our marriage, growth and joy. we are certainly blessed.
also for laughter, silliness and made-up words like annimoon. 🙂

{day 65}

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thankful for wonderful words that encourage my spirit and for a very successful yl banquet.

also for a wonderful date night with my hubs after a crazy weekend. I forgot to take a picture, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time together eating and grocery shopping.


this is a random addition, but look at this crazy thing I saw this morning. birds!!!! everywhere!! good thing it was bright so it was pretty and amazing instead of a scene from a b horror movie.