fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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hubster {day 287}


I am grateful for a husband who encourages me (and doesn’t mind if I make up strange nicknames for him). blessed.

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enough {day 180}

this morning I was feeling very discouraged about one area if my life. I thought it was going in a direction that I was excited about, but well, it isn’t. you know that totally crappy feeling when you lose something that wasn’t actually yours yet, and you feel so frustrated and also so irritated with yourself for getting your hopes so high? not my favorite.
but then, God, with His tricky sense of humor, saw fit that I get unrelated good news in a related area of my life. He’s funny like that.
then I found out that I get to be an early reader for an author I really like, and then I get to blog about her new book! so fun!
and then I got to spend the evening with sweet young life friends. we danced

talked, sang and drank soda through someone else’s sock. yep, you read that correctly. soda. through a sock.

while at club tonight, 3-year-old Payton (who loves me occasionally but doesn’t about 80% of the time) crawled up on my lap and told me that she wants to feed giraffes this fall (something we talked about this past weekend) and then told me that sitting with me was her best part of the day and gave me a big hug. so precious.
I’m so thankful that, on the crappy days, God gives me beautiful moments to get me through. I don’t always get what I want (shocking), but He always gives me enough to get through.

generosity {day 86}

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this past week has been rough. I’m not meaning to complain, just trying to be real. Although I am trying very hard to be grateful, I also never want to pretend that things aren’t ever hard. I think honesty is key in getting through anything. Pretty much the whole last week has been rough fibro-wise. I’ve had pretty significant pain every day. One of the most frustrating things about fibromyalgia, for me, is that  (at least so far) it is extremely unpredictable. The only pattern I’ve definitely established is that if I don’t get enough sleep, that next day is always rough. But other than that, I haven’t been able to find any consistent links to weather, diet, activity level…it can be very discouraging. Some days when fibro is bad, work is stressful, and the things I need to get done are not getting done, it takes some work to find things to be grateful for. That being said, I haven’t missed a day yet, please just be understanding if the thing I’m thankful for is puppy snuggles (again). Some days that’s just the best I’ve got.

Today, though, I am extremely thankful for my husband and his generous spirit. I have always been very emotional and empathetic, so often I will feel the need or desire to help someone, and will imagine having to convince the hubs that this particular cause is worthy of my time/possessions/money. However, even though I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, I am always pleasantly surprised by his willingness to share what we have (even when that’s not much). I am very grateful for a husband who loves my heart and encourages me to bless people, but who also challenges me to give more or differently than my normal comfort zone would have allowed.

What is your favorite way that your spouse/significant other encourages you to be a better person?