fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

a habit is formed? {day 66}

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for breakfast for dinner, pumpkin waffles with apple cider syrup and maple chicken breakfast sausage, for cooking with my sweet hubs, and for heart shaped edges to our waffles…



and for pictures of this little cutie on his first field trip…


and for sweet snuggles from my favorite furry creature.

they say it takes 66 days to form a good habit. I have noticed that most days (even bad days), I am finding it much easier to find things to be grateful for. I don’t even know how many people are reading this, but I am grateful for this little blog. it helps keep me focused. so thanks!

what keeps you focused and on what?

{day 62}

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for a super pretty sunset that I got to drive towards and watch…
for rehearsal dinners and weddings and for friends turning 30 and bonfires. this is a super busy weekend, but crazy full of goodness.

I also wanted to share this precious picture:

there’s no better feeling than feeling right at home!! what a blessing for these boys who, 24 hours ago, had never even set foot in the us, and had definitely never had a home to call their own. beautiful.

October 1 {day 51}

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remember this plant that I love? it’s called seedum. look at these other awesome seedum plants I got today.






had a fun at blumen gardens with aubree. three great things about blumen: 1. it’s gorgeous and full of plants and I could easily spend tons of time there. 2. aubree was with me and she’s pretty awesome. and 3. it was the perfect way to start ANNIVERSARY MONTH (woohoo!!!) because its where our reception was held. such sweet, sweet memories of celebrating with our family and friends.

speaking of anniversary month, it is October and my favorite month of the year! we are celebrating with pizza and Monday night football with my parents.
also, it was jean jacket weather today. awesome.

anybody else celebrating October? tell me about it!!

{day 50}

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today I am grateful for a God who sees fit to paint our surroundings with such beautiful colors. I don’t know if I haven’t been paying attention or if these colors are just coming out, but holy cow, the trees are freaking amazing. this picture doesn’t even begin to do these colors justice. reason #671 that fall is my favorite season.

today was not one of those days that I feel pretty normal. I did not feel well at all. but sick days mean snuggly nights, which are my fave.