fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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sweet words {day 311} (late)


for precious words from sweet Abdiel, who told us about school and his family. He loves reading books about cats and mice and likes to read the story of Jesus’s birth in his mom’s Bible. I love to hear his thoughts and get his pictures. precious.

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sweet words {day 293}



today I am grateful for an update on Abdiel (who is doing well in school and is healthy) and for his precious prayer for his mom, who has to work in Costa Rica to provide for he and his grandma in Nicaragua. I am honored to pray with Abdiel for his mama. Will you join us?

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warmth {day 265}

oh my goodness. spring FINALLY came to chicagoland. after what felt like an endless winter, we hit the 80s today. thank you, Jesus. I needed that.



sweet hubs and I went on a long walk tonight, which was awesome. we walked to a block we had never been to before, found some budding trees, and this awesome building that apparently used to be a hospital. best part, though, was holding hands and chatting as we walked.

tonight I am also grateful that Food For The Hungry goes out of the way to make our sweet friend Abdiel feel cared for, like by sending us a card to send him for his birthday. he is definitely not the only one being blessed.
I am also grateful for a super patient ceramics teacher who helped me find an alternative design to my pots that keep on cracking.

what do you love to do when spring finally shows up?

{day 55}

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for a morning that I didn’t have to get up right away and got to hang out in bed with my snuggly pup…

and for a kind friend who enlisted the help of her soon to be sister in law to translate the letter from abdiel. precious precious precious.
anyone want to go to Nicaragua with me? 🙂

abdiel {day 9}

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today I am grateful for food for the hungry and our new sweet friend, Abdiel. I love his precious words “Soy un niño muy especial.” “I am a very special boy.” such true, sweet words. I am very excited to get to know him more, and am thankful that I was introduced to this awesome organization by this great blog.
if you’ve ever considered sponsoring a child, I’d highly suggest you check into this awesome organization. their finances, exit plan which focuses on creating a community with sustainable food sources and income, and care for sponsored communities are all published, available to the public, and are held to a very high standard.


also grateful that my sweet puppy doesn’t hold grudges even when I accidentally hit him in the face with a remote… 😦