fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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energy {day 360}

After a few pretty bad days (fibro and otherwise) I am thankful for a day full of people and things I love that ended with me still feeling good and full of energy. Although fibro sucks, I am so thankful that I actually have some days that I feel good now. A year ago I couldn’t have said that.

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soreness {day 267}

Today I am grateful for soreness that could only come from something like the first good run in a long, long time. I often have pain, and for some reason my legs seem to get it the worst, so it’s not something I’m generally happy about. But today it felt good to be sore for a reason and to know I finally felt well enough to push myself.

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baby steps {day 266}


before I got fibro, I had become a runner (something I would have never thought possible). I wasn’t fast or great, but I ran several times a week and even finished a half marathon. when they’ll fibro symptoms started, I pretty much stopped doing anything that might make the pain worse, including running. I’ve been on one run in the past year and a half or so, and it lasted about 1 minute before the pain got terrible and I was in tears. tonight I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, so sweet hubs and I went for a run. it wasn’t fast, but it was a run. grateful for his support, and for the feelings of accomplishing something and life getting a little closer to normal.
I am also grateful that Harlow had a good day today, and blessed and thankful for my young life girls who asked about how Harlow is doing. some of them even told me they’ve asked other people to pray for her too.
exhausted and grateful.

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thorny {day 192}

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” -Abraham Lincoln

I had never heard this quote before today, but I kind of love it (and it has even more meaning after a Valentine’s day spent at a florist arranging roses like there’s no tomorrow). I sort of think it describes my goal with this gratefulness project. This world is far short of what our souls and hearts were created for (communion with God), but I think we definitely miss something- growth, learning opportunities , even brokeness -when we focus on the thorns instead of the roses. I think we miss something when we only look at the roses and pretend the thorns aren’t there. All of those things shape us, teach us to be more compassionate, to be more dependent on others and on The Lord, and remind us that we were created for perfect union with Him. This life, it’s a thorn bush.

but in His infinite love and wisdom, God decided to put roses on this thorn bush- love, moments of kindness and beauty, babies, laughter, families. even with all the thorns, we get glimpses of the beauty our hearts long for, and for that, I will continue to be grateful.

Today felt pretty prickly for me. The past two weeks have been rough. I’ve had a lot of bad fibro days, I’ve been tired and frustrated, and had some family stuff going on. Today the pain was worse than it has been in a long time, and I feel discouraged, frustrated and angry. but even still, I will find the roses because there are always things to be grateful for. today these are mine: a husband who takes good care of me when I feel crappy, good gluten free pizza, when my sweet hubs calls me his bestie, and best of all today, early morning cuddles in the biscuit with moj and the hubs. family snuggles are the very best.

was today more rosy or thorny for you? why?

generosity {day 86}

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this past week has been rough. I’m not meaning to complain, just trying to be real. Although I am trying very hard to be grateful, I also never want to pretend that things aren’t ever hard. I think honesty is key in getting through anything. Pretty much the whole last week has been rough fibro-wise. I’ve had pretty significant pain every day. One of the most frustrating things about fibromyalgia, for me, is that  (at least so far) it is extremely unpredictable. The only pattern I’ve definitely established is that if I don’t get enough sleep, that next day is always rough. But other than that, I haven’t been able to find any consistent links to weather, diet, activity level…it can be very discouraging. Some days when fibro is bad, work is stressful, and the things I need to get done are not getting done, it takes some work to find things to be grateful for. That being said, I haven’t missed a day yet, please just be understanding if the thing I’m thankful for is puppy snuggles (again). Some days that’s just the best I’ve got.

Today, though, I am extremely thankful for my husband and his generous spirit. I have always been very emotional and empathetic, so often I will feel the need or desire to help someone, and will imagine having to convince the hubs that this particular cause is worthy of my time/possessions/money. However, even though I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, I am always pleasantly surprised by his willingness to share what we have (even when that’s not much). I am very grateful for a husband who loves my heart and encourages me to bless people, but who also challenges me to give more or differently than my normal comfort zone would have allowed.

What is your favorite way that your spouse/significant other encourages you to be a better person?

slightly less chaos {day 48}

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one of the things that has been hardest for me about having fibro is that I feel like I never am well enough or awake enough to get stuff done at home. I work a lot, which takes pretty much all the energy I can muster, so when I get home I usually can’t be very productive. it sucks. I sometimes feel very discouraged and have tearfully apologized to my hubby for being a horrible wife (which he assures me I am not). he’s a trooper and helps a ton. but still, it’s tough.
all that to say, even though I hate housework with every fiber of my being, I have started to be grateful for productive days around the house. they are few and far between, and despite my strong dislike of cleaning, I do actually prefer a clean kitchen and folded laundry. so today I am grateful for clean, folded and put away laundry. I wish you knew how big of an accomplishment this is in our house.
I am also super grateful for my sweet husband who never ever complains about the things I don’t do, and who is always very thankful for the things I do do. I am blessed beyond belief.