fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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lazy afternoon {day 363}

I am grateful for a successful first attempt at adapting my beloved banana bread recipe to fit our gluten free life and for an afternoon with dear friends in and by the pool dreaming big.

success! {day 171}

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today I bravely made gf brownies from scratch and baked a new loaf of gf bread. both turned out really well!! finally, success in the gf kitchen!

I am also so grateful for a day off, snuggles with the pup, tons of laundry washed, folded and put away, and dinner with a sweet friend. so thankful.

blessed. {day 146}

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I’m grateful for creative (delicious) meals we are dreaming up now that we are gluten free. I am also very, very grateful for how much better sweet hubby is feeling since we switched.




I am also very grateful for how well my hubs loves me, and how he cares for me in both big and little ways (journaling to me, caring for me and the house when I’m not feeling well, starting dinner so I don’t have to do it all when I get home). I’m so grateful for him and often feel challenged by his generous and kind spirit. (I’m also grateful for our crazy dog who felt like he needed to read the journal with me.)

I also got to spend some time talking to my dear friend jen tonight and got to listen to her daughter say “hi brina” over and over. it was so precious.

grateful {day 123}

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for a successful gluten free adaptation of a gluten-y favorite. I’m also grateful for a whole month of being gluten free with no major heartbreaks (except when I realized I can’t steal the delicious leftovers out of my dad’s fridge anymore), and for the fact that it is definitely helping my poor hubby’s tummy.



for young life, laughter, Christmas spirit, and the knowledge that some of those precious friends will experience the real meaning of Christmas for the first time this year. I also stopped to watch a dancing light show on my way home that was pretty stinking amazing. I’ll try to upload a video tomorrow. 🙂

chicken crust pizza, a million cookies and a surprise pajama party {day 106}

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for lunch with friends we don’t get to see enough and for a zero carb pizza crust made out of chicken (which also happens to be gluten free) that allowed us to enjoy good pizza.




for annual cookie baking day with the awesome women in my family, and for old and new favorites that are gluten free so I can enjoy them, and for the awesome men in my family who watch football in the kitchen and wash our baking gear so we can keep the cookie madness going. that top picture is roughly one fifth of the cookies we made. it was insane.




and last, but certainly not least, for a surprise pajama party celebrating my mom’s upcoming 50th birthday! there is nothing better than rocking some jammers, hanging out with family, and snuggles from my favorite 3 year old. plus, my mom is one of the most giving people I know, so celebrating her is super fun! happy (almost) birthday, mom!!

friends {day 102}

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for a sweet text from a dear offering to bring us dinner one night next week and for a great catch-up dinner with mai tais and a lot of laughter. let’s never let it go that long without seeing each other again, ok amy?


also for yummy recipes and an adventurous hubs who is willing to try some gf alternatives to out thanksgiving faves.

what’s your can’t-live-without-it Thanksgiving dish?

have a great Thanksgiving, friends! we have much to be grateful for!

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chocolate {day 92}


Today I am grateful that there are tons of gluten free chocolate treats. Oh, how I am going to need you. Tomorrow starts the hub’s new job and our adventure into gluten free eating. It is rumored that gluten free eating may help his stomach and my fibro. I’m not sure if that will actually be the case for us, but it seems like it’s worth a good, honest try, right? I’m looking for a good gluten free stuffing so these Thanksgiving dinner loving folks (us…) can enjoy our feast without making ourselves sick. I am a bread and pasta loving girl, having grown up with a dad who is an amazing cook. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck too bad…I am also grateful for those who have lived this journey before me so that I can borrow their knowledge and feel slightly less overwhelmed than I would be otherwise. I spent hours today printing and reading lists: foods that are safe, foods that are not, ingredients that have gluten that you may not know about…goodness gracious. If I had to figure all that stuff out myself, I’d have gone nuts. (and fear not, I will try really hard not to become one of those crazy, annoying people who tell you all the time how going gluten free is the best thing they’ve ever done and tell you over and over why you should do it too…) 🙂

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