fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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men {day 312} (late)

I am grateful that my dad is a man of integrity and strength, who is fiercely protective of his family, who works very hard but also plays hard, who likes to laugh, who likes to serve people by filling their bellies with delicious food, and who apologizes when he’s wrong. he loves my mom and isn’t afraid to show it, and also loves us “kids” and doesn’t ever let us hang up the phone or leave without telling us. he set the bar very high for the man I would eventually marry, and I am also grateful for a sweet husband who will be that same kind of father to our future littles.
I. am. blessed.

letters and bravery {day 74}

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today I am crazy grateful for this journal, one of my hubby’s anniversary gifts (inspired by this blog) and the anticipation of knowing there is a letter from my sweet hubby waiting for me. I already love this journal and we’ve only had it three days.

I am also grateful for my husband’s willingness and ability to make a difficult decision to leave a job he’s comfortable at for a new adventure. change is scary, huh?!


I also loved my morning snuggles from my cute pup. I missed him while I was gone.

what do you admire about your spouse or significant other?

first anniversary! {day 71}

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today is our one year wedding anniversary. so much to be grateful for! that I am with my hubby after a few days away for work, for a sweet husband full of surprises and amazing gifts, and for time to just relax and be together.
















for a year full of laughter, people we love, date nights, puppy snuggles and most importantly, tons of love. there have been hard times, sickness, and stress, but through it all I think we’ve grown to love each other more and better. I am so, so thankful. my hubby is amazing, I am so blessed.

hubs {day 37}

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today I feel overwhelmed with gratefulness for my sweet husband. this guy has been working like crazy to finish the project that’s due for work. while I hate that he’s been up until somewhere between 2&4am every night for the last few weeks, I am very thankful that he doesn’t give up, works very hard, and sticks with things long after he wants to quit.
I’m proud to be the wife of a man who gives the things he commits to his all.