fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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generous {day 340} (late)

I would like to just reiterate how grateful I am for the amazing people who donated to, volunteered at, and attended Hugs for Harlow. I am sore and exhausted, but can’t help feeling like my heart is so full. I can’t even begin to thank every person and company that it took to make the night possible. Ben of Dance Flow Control donated his whole afternoon and night and kept the party hopping all night, and even made sure to play some of Harlow’s favorites. Jim and his wife Ashley also donated their time and took amazing photographs of the evening. My sweet hubby and dad spent all evening and night grilling hundreds of burgers, hot dogs and chicken wings to keep the masses full and happy (even though it was HOT). My mom collected tons of auction and raffle prizes, brought bracelets to help raise money, and was a busy bee all night helping out wherever we needed. And none of this would have been possible without Harlow’s dance teacher Miss Mickey and friends Dora and Chris who dreamed this whole event up and worked really hard to get it all together. There were tons more volunteers, more generous donors, and sweet friends who love and pray for Harlow, Jamie and Ben. I am amazed by the generous spirits of so many. 


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hugs for Harlow {day 339}





Last night was our big Hugs for Harlow fundraiser. I am thankful for the amazing people who donated money, raffle and auction prizes, time, and love to make this night possible and to show Harlow and her family how loved and supported they are. AND we raised $10,597 for the Pages! I am amazed and so grateful at the generosity of so many people.
All that said, Harlow’s tumor has shrunk enough that they are going to do surgery. To attempt to get all of the tumor so that this does not recur, they will have to remove her uterus and at least one ovary. They may also have to remove part of her colon, and then we will pray like crazy that the remaining chemo and radiation will kill off any other cancer cells nearby. Please keep Harlow, her family, and the doctors in your prayers–that surgery would be smooth and successful, that the doctors would have wisdom and strength to do what is best, that Ben and Jamie would have some peace even though they’ve just had to hear and try to come to grips with all the worst case scenarios. Harlow still has a long road ahead of her, but if you’ve met her you know she still has tons of fight in her.

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margin {day 284}

today I have tons to be grateful for.

for a successful and fun planning meeting for hugs for Harlow, visited by none other than sweet miss Harlow herself. if you think of it, please pray for them over the next couple of days. Harlow had a scan Friday that appeared to show the tumor has not shrunk much (if at all). Please pray for peace for Jamie and Ben, for Harlow, and wisdom for the doctors as they do more tests and talk over the next steps.

I am also super grateful for a birthday dinner with my family. I’ve been amazingly well celebrated this week.

And last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for a new job that allows me to have margin in my life. I read a book about margin my freshman year of college and have consistently had none since then. I am grateful for time to see friends, to snuggle with my hubby, and to be able to go to see friends who need cheering. it feels good to be able to just go when I need to go.

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amazed {day 274}

Today I am so grateful for the generosity of friends and strangers. The Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra (where I used to work and my grandma currently works) did a “loose change” collection for Harlow at 2 of their concerts this weekend. They raised over $1600!! Absolutely incredible. At most there was a handful of people there who had ever met her, but they were so moved by her story that they gave…a lot! What incredible generosity by the EYSO and it’s patrons to Hugs For Harlow. I am thankful that there are people in my life that fight for the people I love and think outside the box to find ways to help. I am blessed.