fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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so much cuteness {day 264} (late)


my mom and dad are awesome and were willing to watch moj for us while we were out of town this weekend, even though they have 3 dogs of their own. so yesterday (because I fell asleep before writing this…oops), after drew’s procedure (not fun), we went to pick up our pup. next thing I know, moj and sweet hubs are both snoring away next to me on the couch. it was the sweetest thing.

what are YOU grateful for today?

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sad {day 237}


Harlow’s mom posted this picture this evening. It is among the most heartbreaking pictures I’ve ever seen. That face. Don’t you just want to squeeze her?
Sweet Harlow had her surgery today. They took a sample of the tumor for biopsy, but it was too large to remove completely. Even without having the pathology back, the surgeon confirms that the tumor is cancerous. There will be chemo, more surgery and radiation. My heart aches for this sweet girl, for her parents, and for how scared they all must be.
But I am grateful for my friends and family, both near and far, who are praying for her, sharing words of encouragement, and donating to the hospital. You hope and pray that you’ll never need your community to rally around someone you love because of a sad, scary situation, but I am thankful for the ways my community looks and feels a little like Jesus.



I am also grateful for a dog who snuggled all day and for a husband who loves to snuggle us both.

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family {day 224}



tonight I’m grateful for family, in all it’s forms. I have been blessed to be born into an amazing (slightly crazy) family with parents who love each other and us. I love the sweet little family that drew and I chose, and the ways that God has made us feel more and more like a family over the last 17 months of marriage. I am also so grateful for the friends from all different places that become family…students and their families, young life kids and leaders, college friends, high school friends and their families, work friends. I am feeling blessed.

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breakfast {day 219} (late)

I’ve been fighting some kind of sickness the second half of this week, and fell asleep on the couch last night without posting. Sorry!

Yesterday I was grateful for my sweet hubby who made me breakfast (without me asking) while I got ready for work, and then fed me bites while I was straightening my hair because I didn’t have time to sit down and eat. My belly and my heart felt full.

also grateful for a sweet pup who knows when we don’t feel well and gives good snuggles.

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beginning & end {day 216}

I’m grateful that my day started with this cuteness. He was hiding under the bed, knowing that I won’t leave without saying goodbye.


I’m also grateful for pretty sunsets and the promise of spring.

bonus addition: too sweet not to share. family snuggles on the couch…