fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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busy! {days 288 (very late) and 289}


I love this quite from Mumford. the next line is “make you more like the man you were meant to be.” I am grateful for a husband who loves me so well that I think I am more and more like the person I was meant to be. I couldn’t do it without his encouragement and support. blessed.



Today was a busy and long day of work, but I am grateful for a job I love and that I got to spend several hours today celebrating love and marriage with an awesome couple. can you say dream job??

what is your dream job, friend?

bonus post

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I know I just posted like 2 hours ago, but it’s been a great night. 🙂 after a rough fibro day, I’ve been feeling pretty good tonight, and even got to make some delicious and healthy pumpkin dark chocolate muffins. I’ll try to post the recipe tomorrow.

also, my sweet hubs fell asleep on the couch waiting for them to bake. perhaps I should start earlier next time.
oh, also grateful for the hubs cleaning the kitchen up after dinner, and for the energy to put those dishes away and wash the new ones while the muffins baked. there is something relaxing about having a clean kitchen.
I swear, those are not words I ever thought I’d say.
Also, Mumford serenaded my baking experience–LOVING the new album.

{day 45}

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for the new Mumford album that I’ve been waiting all day to download, and for finally having enough motivation to figure out why my stupid phone wouldn’t connect to wifi after the ios6 update.
I have hours of listening pleasure ahead of me. goodness.

for a super delicious, pretty healthy dinner that my hubs prepared. I didn’t have to do any work, it was delicious and he made sure it stayed in the right calorie range, and I still have a clean kitchen. he was also super grateful for the very clean kitchen, which is sweet.

I am also grateful for a super snuggly dog tonight. makes it that much nicer to come home. love my sweet little family.

what’s the best thing about coming home?
besides my favorites, sweatpants are my next favorite. 🙂