fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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family {day 224}



tonight I’m grateful for family, in all it’s forms. I have been blessed to be born into an amazing (slightly crazy) family with parents who love each other and us. I love the sweet little family that drew and I chose, and the ways that God has made us feel more and more like a family over the last 17 months of marriage. I am also so grateful for the friends from all different places that become family…students and their families, young life kids and leaders, college friends, high school friends and their families, work friends. I am feeling blessed.

recovery day 1 {day 109}

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as I expected, I am in quite a bit more pain today than I was last night. to add insult to injury, I’ve learned (the hard way) that I have developed an allergy to iodine, so I have a fairly nice rash and some welts on my neck, chest, shoulders, back and under one of my arms. soooo pleasant.

all that aside, my mom and my oldest friend Scott came to visit today. he moved to the UAE this spring and only had 2 days that we could get together…yesterday and today. I am thankful that he was willing to spend the day watching movies and letting me rest. also grateful for continued prayers, chocolate, and super gentle snuggles from my puppy and hubs.

friends {day 102}

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for a sweet text from a dear offering to bring us dinner one night next week and for a great catch-up dinner with mai tais and a lot of laughter. let’s never let it go that long without seeing each other again, ok amy?


also for yummy recipes and an adventurous hubs who is willing to try some gf alternatives to out thanksgiving faves.

what’s your can’t-live-without-it Thanksgiving dish?

have a great Thanksgiving, friends! we have much to be grateful for!

life {day 19}





friends, today my heart is full of joy for this sweet boy and his new parents, Kristen and Joel. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, so I know I can only begin to understand what it would feel like to get a new family. he has the mama and papa that he’s been waiting for, and they finally have their son who they have loved, prayed for, and waited for. seriously, it’s the coolest thing. according to Kristen’s blog, Marat is a bundle of energy, is enthusiastic about learning English, and LOVES the idea of having a “bruddah.” (so, in other words, he’s freaking awesome!)
when I think about the love and resolve with which Kristen and Joel have pursued Marat, it paints such a beautiful picture in my mind of the way Christ loves and pursues us. It’s an amazing thing, friends.


for needed snuggle time with the sweet hubs and our forgiveness seeking Houdini dog…


for cool mornings that remind me how close to my favorite season we are! apple picking, cider donuts, chai, crunchy leaves…bring. it. on.

also grateful for a laughter filled conversation with my old friend justin, whose face I miss, that made blocked off roads and detours bearable.

it’s thursday!! anybody have fun plans for the holiday weekend?