fostering a grateful spirit

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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{day 261} (late)


I am grateful for a husband who loves to leave me notes in window markers


and for the world’s sweetest pup, even if he is absolutely convinced he is human and needs things like pillows to lay his head on.

does your sweet pet have any quirky habits? tell me about it!!

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sick day #742 {day 240}

okay, the title may be a *slight* exaggeration, but man, being sick is BORING.
So today I’m grateful for these things that either comforted or amused me.

get well notes from sweet hubs on the bathroom mirror.

this guy who loves snuggling more than life itself, and who spent a good amount of time chasing the light from a laser pointer around our backyard at very high speeds. it was pretty funn

and for my hubby’s willingness to feed my marker addiction so I could make these




they aren’t masterpieces or anything, but I enjoyed working on them while under (doctor, not judge, ordered) house arrest.

also in HUGE and exciting news, Miss Harlow got to go home today!! She has been really anxious to be home, so I am grateful that she’s snuggled up in her own cozy bed tonight. Right now it’s sounding like they’ll be home for a few-several days while waiting on pathology results, and then for the tumor board to meet and come up with a plan. Once those things happen, the next steps (beginning treatment) will likely happen very quickly. Please keep praying for all those pieces for Harlow and her sweet family.

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family {day 224}



tonight I’m grateful for family, in all it’s forms. I have been blessed to be born into an amazing (slightly crazy) family with parents who love each other and us. I love the sweet little family that drew and I chose, and the ways that God has made us feel more and more like a family over the last 17 months of marriage. I am also so grateful for the friends from all different places that become family…students and their families, young life kids and leaders, college friends, high school friends and their families, work friends. I am feeling blessed.

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beginning & end {day 216}

I’m grateful that my day started with this cuteness. He was hiding under the bed, knowing that I won’t leave without saying goodbye.


I’m also grateful for pretty sunsets and the promise of spring.

bonus addition: too sweet not to share. family snuggles on the couch…